Born in England in 1959, Stu Sontier has lived in New Zealand since the age of eight.

After a break from years of darkroom and documentary work (shown in multiple group and solo exhibitions and as part of the book Ink and Silver), he now uses digital tools to explore the dynamic of living in an era of environmental and social uncertainty.

Stu Sontier

Lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand

Selected exhibitions

2022  The Bastards – Post & Experimental Photography – SuperChief Gallery Los Angeles – group show

2022  Levels of Life: Photography, Imaging and the Vertical Perspective – London College of Communication – group show

2022  Circumstantial Evidence – online group exhibition

2022  Presentation Layer: NFT forms, platforms and transference – Ilam Campus Gallery, Christchurch – group show

2021  Collapse: reflecting on a digital sublime –  Refinery Gallery, Nelson – solo show

2020  Art in Quarantine –  Wreading Digits, Portugal – online group show

2019  Finalists show – 28th Wallace Art Awards, Pah Homestead, Auckland – group show

2019  From This One Moment – Hum Salon, Auckland – solo show

2019   SlideShow – Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago –  group show

2018   Binary/Non Binary – Geste Paris – shortlist exhibitors

2018   PhotoForum Members Show – 541 Gallery Auckland – group show

2017   Featureshoot group show – Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

2017   ether                   online ongoing series

2000  Update – The Active Eye     Group show PhotoForum (online and interactive CD)

1998  Interface            PhotoForum members online exhibition (online and VHS installation)

1998  Apparatus            Group Show Soliloquy Gallery

1993 – 1994  Other/Lives            Touring exhibition in nine Auckland shopping centres

1994  Open The Shutter – Auckland Photographers Now     Auckland Museum

1993  The HYDRA Project               with Jon Carapiet. Presented initially in Ponsonby Road shop windows, then in Downtown Shopping Centre and the Auckland Public Library.

1993  The first James Wallace Trust Awards            Group Exhibition

1991  Threads of Life     Touring exhibition for 14 months

Selected publications

2022 Tickle Lit #2   Online digital literature mag

2020  …..and then there were none (with Harvey Benge, Jon Carapiet,

Lloyd Jones, Haru Sameshima): Rim Books

2019  Brush Talks – Vol 4 No 1  online portfolio from work in Pingyao, China  link

2019  observer phenomenon – handmade book in an edition of three

1995  Ink and Silver     seven New Zealand photographers; two offset printers: PhotoForum

1994  Open The Shutter catalogue



2009   Talking Culture: Auckland Art Gallery & Art Lounge -Open the Shutter (1994 documentary) with Jon Carapiet

1993  From Magnum to Manukau     Auckland City Art Gallery


2022  Circumstantial Evidence -main essay and artist essays

2022  The Auction House, the Hammer and the NFT – online essay on Webbs first NFT auction, with John B. Turner

2018 PhotoForum Members Show – review

2016   Pingyao Photography Festival   review for PhotoForum

1996 Monica, Aug/Sept [Identi-kit – review by Jennifer French & Stuart Sontier, pg 8-9] (ed. Tessa Laird)


1996 – 2016  PhotoForum committee and initiated and managed PhotoForum website

1994  Management committee – Open The Shutter – Auckland Photographers Now     Auckland Museum