greenNFTs and a new crypto artist

Following up on a post a month back about NFTs and environmental issues around their energy use.

Briefly, the more prominent NFTs run on the Ethereum blockchain, which uses Proof of Work. PoW requires huge energy inputs as its base philosophy. I was in the process of experimenting with minting NFTs on Opensea which currently uses Ethereum, so that stopped me in my tracks  – artist Joanie Lemercier remercier? recently stopped his minting on Nifty platform when he realised his previous minting had wiped out years of his attempts at reducing his eco footprint.

I emailed Joanie, after I read a Wired article about him looking for Proof of Stake platforms as an alternative (but like many pieces of journalism that poke holes, then don’t give details of how to find alternatives).  Joanie pointed me in the direction of a new platform, Hic et Nunc (Latin: Here and Now). I also found two others, and not being like Wired, I present them for others – Viv3 and – both these currently need you to apply to be able to mint and so far have not let me in – it appears just due to being overworked).

Hic et Nunc – – is a nerdy platform, there is no other way to describe it. Artists are mostly known by their extremely long wallet public id unless they go through a nerdy process of applying to attach some profile information to that wallet.

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